Welcome Creator

This is the continuing of a beautiful relationship. A relationship between your creative thought and creative expression, your creative action and manifestation and your creative connection to other creators…….That’s alot of creativity! Creativity for the sake of creativity AND creativity for the sake of changing our lives for the betterment of life itself. Individuals create and inspire each other, leading to inspired groups and inspired communities. Inspired communities become innovative. They create new ways to address and solve the issues affecting their community and in doing so, inspire other communities to follow, using their own unique creativity. The ripples spread far. Poets, dancers, singers, painters, actors, musicians, comedians, deejays, emcees, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, sculptors, visionaries, social connectors, social entrepreneurs, graphic designers, artists of every discipline remind us of the beauty of human creativity, the beauty of humanity. A humanity so often forgotten in the hustle of survival in status quo structures. A humanity often lost in the pursuit of bigger toys and larger playgrounds. Lost in oil slick seas and rivers dammed by tossed Coke cans and empty plastic water bottles (oh the irony of that!). Heed the artist being who he/she was born to be….who he/she was born AS! Allow them room to work their magic on the us all. They were not created to sit in cubicles all day taking orders, they are here to show humanity the path back to itself, back to its purpose in the grand creation. Give them space to birth new worlds to explore, new waters to hover over, new beings to breathe life into. Guide their creative process from infancy and never stop them before they’ve finished just to put them to sleep. They embody the statement “As above, so below”. Poets write their way to enlightenment. Dancers twirl, leap, shake, bounce their way to enlightenment. Singers raise the vibrations of all who hear, until we can see colors we’ve never seen before. Musicians open doors. All are co-creators as the one creator, so let us be as we are. create Create CREATE!!!

Welcome to your birthright……..Creator.

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