Dead Prez Speaks On International Solidarity & Hip-Hop

Last Sunday, I got a chance to build with M1 and Stic before this discussion at organized by Orange Amber Productions & Hot Water Cornbread. It’s always great when you can build with artists who actually know what they are talking about. They have a focus and direction that is bigger than Hip-Hop, but fully incorporates it. Here they touch on some of the same principles of international solidarity in Hip-Hop that is a motivating factor for Tru Karya Cipta.

If you believe in the concepts in which Dead Prez spoke on, please make a donation to Tru Karya Cipta and help us establish a center in the SE Asian region that is dedicated to process of using Hip-Hop expression as a means of social development.


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2 Responses to Dead Prez Speaks On International Solidarity & Hip-Hop

  1. I’ve got to say, this is a great post and a great blog alltogether. wty1d8

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