Tru Karya Cipta Joins With Leadership Excellence!!!

Back in 2002, I was blessed to work with Leadership Excellence for the first time, participating as a counselor at Camp Akili. My experience there was just as transformational for me and it was for the youth and the other counselors who attended. LE has been doing nothing but excellent work in transforming the lives of African-American youth in Oakland, California for the last 13 years. I’m grateful to announce that Leadership Excellence has provided fiscal sponsorship to Tru Karya Cipta, extending it’s vision on a global level. Our goal is connecting the youth of Oakland, with youth in Indonesia through the shared expression of the Hip-Hop arts and the dedication to youth empowerment. As Camp Akebulan (Details here) offers the opportunity for youth from Oakland cross the Atlantic Ocean to West Africa, Tru Karya Cipta will offer the opportunity to cross the Pacific and down to South East Asia for cultural exchanges.

Tru Karya Cipta and Leadership Excellence need and are thankful for your support. Through your donations, TKC and LE move forward and continue provide much needed services for our youth. Any donation you make, is a charitable donation and may be used for tax-deduction purposes, if you so choose. Just send an email to: and we will send you our federal tax exemption number.

Peace & much love to Brother Saleem Shakir and the entire LE staff. We move forward.


Camp Akili

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