TKC: A Hiphop Cypher/Hiphop IS Harmony In Diversity Concert

Nova Ruth spittin' in The Cypher

Free from tourists, strictly Hiphop heads showed up to The Cypher at Yaari & Toya’s Art Gallery last Tuesday (Oct 5th) and it was one of the rawest Hiphop parties to bless Bali.  Magic always happens when you get a room full of artists who possess the spirit of freestyling. Aerial Crew (IND) held down the floor, Suffice (UK), Nova Ruth (IND), Omar Musa (AUS), Mighty Joe (USA), The Brothahood (AUS)
, Solomann (USA)  E-C (IND) and Tyo (IND) held down the mics and PitchBlackGold held down the music selections and a mic. Toya and the Center for the Arts staff held down the Indonesian dishes.

TR.I.P @ Hiphop Is Harmony In Diversity in Ubud's Pura Dalem Puri

Omar Musa & Mighty Joe

The Hiphop IS Harmony In Diversity concert (Oct 7th) during the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2010 was excellent and a great success. Ubud’s first Hiphop concert had all of the above mentioned artists, plus Lil Jasmine, a 12 year girl from Surabaya getting down fusing Javanese and hiphop dance and Black Masker setting off the show with fire….literally. It was lovely to have the new school of Hiphop cats performing under the screen playing the old school Hiphop movies Wildstyle and Style Wars. There was one point when a scene of Rock Steady Crew b-boying was happening simultaneously with Aerial Crew’s performance. DJ Malik Flowmaxx (USA) held down the sound selection on the underground tip. It was dope. Everyone did their thing well and with much energy. Props all around.

Dj Malik Flowmaxx

Black Masker set it off

Skipze (Aerial Crew

B-Girls in the house - Beautiful Game & Lil Jasmine

Hosted by PitchBlackGold

The Brotherhood rockin'

E-C spittin'

TR.I.P. is the house to rock the spot. PBG & Suffice.

B-girl Lil P (Aerial Crew) & mic ripper Nova Ruth

K1M & Ewox Taste (Aerial Crew)

Omar Musa(AUS), Mighty Joe(USA), E-C & K1M (BALI) PitchBlackGold(USA)

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