Saturday Dec 11th: I MANIFEST

First I must say Selamat Galungan & Kuningan to all the Bali Community, meaning everyone who lives in Bali and experiences this beautiful island as their home. The victory of virtue over evil is such a beautiful holiday to celebrate and here in Bali it is done twice a year.  Six months ago, i set up the True Creative Activity site  good week or so before this same very holiday, with the intention of bringing to light creative people, ideas and expression, and to serve as a space for people to get info on the Tru Karya Cipta urban arts program here in Bali. You can read above about all of our goals and objectives, one of which is opening a center dedicated to using performance and media arts as a tool for personal and community empowerment.

This coming Saturday Dec 11th, is our first official fundraising event. We are blessed to be partnering with Serambi Arts Antida (Thanks Anom & Wayan!) & Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (Thanks auntie Janet!) in presenting I MANIFEST a showcase of the Bali Hiphop Community in the spirit of Peace, Love, Unity & Community Building.

I MANIFEST is a declaration of personal power in bringing something into existence. I-statements are always power statements that charge and energize whatever words that follow the word “I”. When an I-statement has the full intention, focus, clarity and emotional energy fueling it, the I-statement will be experienced as reality for the person making the statement. When individuals who own their personal power of manifesting come together, a collective power of manifestation gets charged. As the collective power of manifestation gets focused and clear, I MANIFEST becomes synonymous with WE MANIFEST. Hope to see you Saturday…(Starts at 7pm)

Peace and Love,


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