There Is No 2morrow….Friday, Oct 21st @ Word of Mouth, 9 pm

What if you woke up one morning to the governments of the world announcing  that a comet was going to smash into the Earth not long after sunset  that day and humanity would go the way of the dinosaurs? There Is No 2morrow is a one act cinematic play that uses dance theater, poetry, visual media and music to show how a few individuals, couples and groups living in Bali personally and collectively live out their last day alive.

So this is the concept that came up with about 2 months ago during a night of insomnia. I was thinking about all speculation concerning Mayan prophecy, Dec 2012 or Oct 28th, 2011, Hopi prophecy, Comet Elenin and just the overall state of things at this period and i thought it would be dope to do a performance production that speaks to this time of transition. Anyone who has even the slightest concern for humanity and this planet can see that we are at a crucial crossroad, with some serious choices to be made, but still many of us are living our lives with careless concern as if we will last forever in this form. We take our lives and the lives of others for granted and continuously waste our days away repeating experiencing in pursuit of things that have no real meaning to who we are and what we were born to do. We often ride winds with no destination and “go with the flow” without considering fully the direction of the flow. We also often fail to go with the flows that count in our progress as spiritual and human beings, choosing not to walk through doors of opportunity and learning because the door wasn’t the right color, squeaked when others walked through or had a dirty key. Then there is “the 1%” who have been running the game thus far, satisfying all their pathological urges as the expense of the rest of the world and the actual planet itself.  I think this clip is a good metaphor of the situation we are in and what needs to happen….the Spurs rep the current powers that be and Traci reps the rest of humanity;

Through dance, song, poetry and visual arts, There Is No 2morrow explores moments in life in the face of impending death. This Friday’s show will be excerpts from the show which is still a work in progress, as I have more visual shooting to do, pieces to choreograph, flakey dancer’s asses to kick and costumes to get, as well as finding a larger venue with a stage and lighting that can fulfill the vision i have.  I hope to present the full production at the end of November, Inshallah.

Performers will include the 2011 Indonesian B-Boy (Breakdance) Champions, Aerial Crew. Hiphop dance crews G.O.G., Beautiful Game and Peaz Makerz Bali along with vocal presentations by Sausan, Soloman and i may do something as well. There are some other performance surprises in store, but you may need to wait until the full show.

Myself, along with Soloman will be keeping the party flowing musically on the DJ tip. So come thru, have some drinks, mingle, dance and enjoy the birth of another level of performance production for Bali.


Ka Mau (PitchBlackGold)

If you want any more info, shoot me an email:  or twitter:

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