Sat, March 24th…UPLIFT @ the deeply beautiful new restaurant Betelnut in Ubud

After a 3 year hiatus, Live Mysteries returns with another night of unpredictable premeditated freestyles in music, song, movement and visuals. If you are unfamiliar with how Live Mysteries gets down, a few years ago the legendary Home Cafe in Seminyak was in full swing with the best of underground flava. Live Mysteries was a concept created by Ka Mau and was conducted monthly at Home Cafe (and one at Art Cafe) which brought together the slew of artistic expressions in Bali that tend to stay in their own respective worlds. Live Hiphop/Rock/Ragga/Improv band music with poetry and djing, dance performances, photo exhibitions, drumming, live painting and even story-telling by a slew of talented local and ex-pat artists.

The Live Mysteries flava has returned and first time, the expression will vibrate in Ubud with the potential monthly gathering entitled, ‘Uplift’. Taking down the walls that divide the arts into boxes is nothing new for Live Mysteries. Now coming together with, the added intention is to bring down the walls that divide generations and communities. Uplift will present feature performances by artists young and old, ex-pat and Indonesian, in the spirit of progression in the creation of new traditions in community creativity and sharing. Uplift will be an early evening event to allow for those whom may not be inclined towards late nights (youth and pretty much most of Ubud folks) to enjoy the benefits of live music, dance, performance.

Betelnut is a restaurant, (or as they say, “Noodle and Satay Bar and Music Lounge”), with delicious food and very good feng shui. It is a ridiculously beautiful and perfect space for Live Mysteries to get loose with and explore creatively.

Take a look at the space here: Betelnut in Ubud

More Info Coming soon. You can also check the facebook page: UPLIFT

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