6 Reasons Why

0. Every Child Should Be Provided With An Opportunity To Explore The Full Range Of Their Creative PotentialAll artists have the potential to change individuals, communities and the world for the better. Young artists, whom are aware of the issues affecting them and their community, become an active force in creating and implementing solutions. Tru Karya Cipta will provide the space and opportunities for the youth.

1. Bali Has Hundreds of Homeless Street Children & Bored Uninspired Youth In The Kuta/Denpasar Area Every year as western culture further develops and cements itself in Bali, Bali youth are increasingly becoming involved in drugs, alcoholism, violence and crime, especially those youth whom are homeless. Without positive outlets to express themselves creatively and without role models and mentors to guide them in that positive direction many Bali youth have taken turns toward the negative. Tru Karya Cipta’s goal is provide a place for youth to spend their time creatively and productively, and to provide a community of support for youth who may not have it. TKC encourages youth to embrace and preserve their indigenous traditions, while shunning the negative aspects of imported lifestyles.

2. Bali Does Not Have Any Contemporary Youth Arts Education Centers and Bali Has Many Contemporary Youth Artists Bali has a large community of young urban contemporary performance artists who do not have any facility dedicated to their artistic development and education. The few dance studios that do exist, have classes and/or rental fees that are out of the price range of many Bali youth. There are no professional recording studios that poor young aspiring producers and engineers can use to develop their abilities. There are no cool modern youth centers to just hangout and stay out of trouble in. Tru Karya Cipta has the goal of providing that place where youth have the necessary tools to cultivate their artistic expression, increase their knowledge of  their own potential and the means to explore that potential.

3. Young Female Dancers Are Being Exploited By An Entertainment Scene That Demands “Sexy Dancers” (Go-Go Dancers) – Much of the nightlife in the Kuta/Denpasar area of Bali caters to western male tourists. Many young Indonesian girls are having their natural love for dancing exploited by establishments who pay them low wages to shake and gyrate in two piece bikinis all night. Tru Karya Cipta is first organization to train and negotiate a contract in a major night entertain establishment for a non-go-go dancing female Hip-Hop group. Tru Karya Cipta teaches principles of personal dignity & artistic integrity. Through performance arts education, young girls learn that they do not need to exploit themselves to be a dancer. They can earn a living from dancing, be creative and maintain their self-respect.

4. Thousands of Youth In Bali Are Unaware of the Many Social, Environmental and Economic Issues Affecting Bali. – Pollution, waste management, energy shortages, increasing drug usage and crime rates, along with an average salary of $100 – $150 USD/Month are just some of the issues facing Bali. Tru Karya Cipta will raise awareness of these issues, provide youth with the opportunity to address these issues creatively and assist other Bali organizations in implementing solutions.

5. The Urban Arts Are Excellent Tools For Energizing Youth, Motivating Action For Positive Change and Promoting Social Entrepreneurship – There are examples all over the world of young people organizing and using TRUE Hip-Hop culture as a means to inform, educate, inspire action and bring about positive change. Hip-Hop culture embodies the independent business spirit and creating innovation ways to start and operate a business. Tru Karya Cipta mentors guide youth in the process of becoming socially responsible artists and entrepreneurs.

6. Many International Artists Who Visit Bali Are Unaware of The Issues Facing Bali. If Made Aware, They Are Likely To Lend Their Support In Addressing Bali Issues – Tru Karya Cipta bridges the gap between International performance artists, local performance artists and the young developing artists. International artists are provided the opportunity to contribute their time and talent to the Bali arts and education community and young artists from Bali contribute to the global solutions.


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