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Thank you for your time exploring our blogsite. The movement of Tru Karya Cipta is a step by step process. It’s is time to truly invest in our future, by investing in our youth. Adding your support, voice and action to the process of creating an International center for youth and community development through the arts is a blessing, not only to youth in Indonesia, but also youth all over the world who will be provided the opportunity for artistic cultural exchange. By donating to this cause you are helping to make the True Creative Activity Center a reality.



Kamau Abayomi                                                                                                   



3 Responses to Make A Donation

  1. caleb duarte says:

    global village! sounds like an amazing and much needed project, lets link up once both of our projects find ground here in CHiapas and in Bali. will send it out to folks and i am sure you will get the start up long you in the bay?

  2. Clarion says:

    Awesome dude – call me on team to make videos of you all. Also pro at the writing… call me on for it! We got grants to doublefold there – see if it can happen and success is ours… I’ll write you soon. Where you be now? Call me on team for anything you’ve got in mind – full length productions even… I’m for it, always in mode to make it happen quickly – got a reel system that works out with the pop-locks from Qi Gong and beyond it to all realms of discipline lining up, into the camera reels I spin some magic and pop the Qi to make the moves occur – nothing like it. Sidelong also into capoeira games, nothing but the best of footage possible – to make it happen there soon is essential – I’ll be visiting you all soon! Hopefully by the end of the year – 2012 is on for it! Peace.

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