Goals & Objectives

– Our goal is to create and sustain a supportive community of Indonesian and international artists dedicated to personal and community development through youth arts, culture, education and entrepreneurship in Bali, Indonesia
– Our goal is to work with green architects and environmentalists in constructing a eco-sustainable, international standard performance arts and education center in Bali, Indonesia
– Our goal is to provide a safe space for youth to develop their talents, pursue their goals and have fun, while becoming educated on the issues affecting them and their communities and learning how to address them
– Our goal is to energize the limitless flow of creative thought, action and manifestation in the individual to contribute socially and economically to the community through his/her artistic expression.
– Our goal is to produce high level artistic projects that bring awareness to the issues affecting youth in local, national and international communities
– Our goal is to develop a new generation of professional, socially aware and responsible artists.
– Our goal is to contribute artistic support community service organizations and projects in Indonesia
– Our goal is to initiate community service projects in Bali and in other regions in Indonesia

– Our goal is to establish a yearly international cultural arts exchange program with urban youth from the USA

Community Service

– Our goal is to provide information that informs and educates youth and communities on current local, national and international issues
– Our goal is to produce artistic projects that bring awareness to local, national and international issues.
– Our goal is to provide opportunities to participate in community events
– Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth to initiate and organize community events
– Our is to support arts education in local orphanages through volunteer teaching

Entrepreneurship & Employment

– Our goal is to develop professional etiquette in youth and young adults: Listening skills, attention to detail, following direction, taking initiative, punctuality, communication, collaboration, project management, setting and achieving goals, etc.
– Our goal is to increase awareness of career opportunities within the music/dance/arts field and provide placement for youth who have reached the professional performance level
– Our goal is to increase knowledge of elements of entrepreneurship: marketing & promotion, pricing, organizational structure, budgeting, inventory, profits, etc.
– Our goal is the consistent completion of artistic projects that allow participants to generate income for themselves and their families.
– Our goal is to give guidance and direction in creating and implementing innovative business ideas


-Our goal is for youth to develop communication and public speaking skills and the confidence to use them. – Our goal is for youth to develop English language speaking, reading and writing proficiency. – Our goal is for youth to develop computer literacy and proficiency with technology – Our goal is to provide youth with knowledge of the issues affecting the local, national and international community – Our goal is to cultivate critical and creative thinking skills in youth, so they have the ability to intelligently address these issues – Our goal is to increase awareness of global culture, trends, relevant history, geography, and current events – Our goal is to provide access to knowledge in a chosen of study


– Our goal is to have the first fully equipped eco-friendly, energy susatainable performing arts and education center in the world and be an example for other arts facilities to follow

– Our goal is to use the arts as a means of bringing awareness of the environmental and energy issues to those of the Indonesian community whom may not be aware

– Our goal is to inspire youth leadership and action in the movement to clean up the environment, and prevent any further damage.

Cultural Exchange

Our goal is to establish an international center for young artists who are dedicated to solving the many issues facing humanity and the Earth. With the establishment of a facility dedicated to youth empowerment through arts and activism , international cultural exchange can take place. Every year young artists and professional artists, from organizations or solo, from around the world, can come out to Bali for a few weeks and do their creative work in a beautiful and natural environment, also collaborating with Balinese/Indonesian performance artists in using art to engage, enlighten, inspire and ignite action for the benefit of our global village. Imagine young artists from urban centers like East Oakland, California collaborating with young artists from Denpasar, Bali on a project addressing issues affecting both of their communities. The uniting of youth of different cultures through the arts, with the purpose of giving light to the issues affecting them both, empowers youth by giving them a global voice in the process of implementing solutions.


3 Responses to Goals & Objectives

  1. butche soendjojo says:

    I am a potential and creative Indonesian book writer and composer. 63 years old. I am interested to join the Ubud Writer and Reader Festival in order to publish my written work and composed songs and look into the opportunity of international publication and release

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