The Urban Arts

Hiphop/House/Traditional Fusion Dance – Hiphop’s high energy, high discipline dance styles are various. B-boying/B-girling (Breakdance), popping, locking, etc. are taught by local and international experienced teachers whom also possess knowledge and history of the dance. Traditional Balinese dance teachers will collaborate with Hiphop instructors to create a new fusion style of dance. Participants learn how to express, energize and free themselves through movement. They also learn how to create choreographed conceptual routines for performance.
Rapping & Mcing – There is an art to putting words together in rhyme form and also an art to how to perform the words over a beat. As participants learn the arts, they develop a greater grasp of language and how to create rhythm with words. They also learn how to properly speak to and entertain a crowd. Participants will learn the art of improvisation. Along with becoming more proficient in expressing themselves in their native language, Indonesian youth will expand their vocabulary and English speaking skills through the practice of writing and rapping in English. This will give them a greater opportunity to work outside of Indonesia if they choose.
Poetry Writing & Performance – Through the writing of poetry, participants can discover their innermost feelings and ideas, as they learn how to better express their self through writing. Participants are encouraged to share their words with others and they are provided with the opportunity to learn how to perform poetry in a manner that best expresses the meaning of their words. They learn how to use their voice and rhythm and in doing so, learn how to speak with confidence in a public setting.
Singing & Songwriting – Participants receive vocal training and learn how to write a good song. They will learn songwriting terminology such as bars, bridges, chorus and how to effectively use them in creating a song.
Visual Arts/ Media Arts – Participants learn how to use visual arts such as, videography, graphic design, social networking to communicate their ideas most effectively. They learn how to shoot and edit video, photography and computer graphic designs well as create visual elements geared towards live performance. Writers learn formatting for books, magazines, newsletters, etc.
Music/Audio Production – Participants will learn how to create music with the latest music production and recording equipment. They will work with professional producers from a variety of genres, who will guide them step by step through the process of creating songs from the first note to the mastered product.

2 Responses to The Urban Arts

  1. Rachna says:

    Hi, I am a poet/spoken word artist from Canada, and I’ll be travelling through SE Asia for some time this summer. I would love to find out about any interesting events, poetry or otherwise that I could attend or even perform at around July/August!

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